Chapel School Chargers

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Chapel School Chargers Athletics Policies

2019-2020 Basketball Season


Chargers are STUDENT-Athletes!

All athletic activities are EXTRA-Curricular.  That means that SCHOOLWORK COMES FIRST!  If a student is having difficulty maintaining classroom performance due to the rigors of participating on a team, eligibility to participate will be reviewed.  Mr. Walsh checks with teachers on a regular basis to make sure that all Chargers are doing their work in school!

Chargers are MODEL Citizens!

Wear your Charger uniform with PRIDE, however, accept and understand the awesome responsibility that goes with that privilege!  Good behavior in the classrooms, hallways, lunchroom and on the playground is expected!  If a student begins to show a pattern of poor behavior, eligibility to participate will be reviewed.

Charger Coaches and Players are Models of Christian Sportsmanship!

Competitive sports involve winning and losing gracefully AND showing respect for opponents and officials.  Chapel Chargers teams are about working together, learning rules and skills and having fun!  Everyone who comes to practice gets to play!  All players, coaches and parent(s)/guardian(s) will need to sign a covenant indicating their understanding of and willingness to abide by Chapel Charger Athletics’ behavioral expectations before they will be allowed to participate in the program.

Chargers are COMMITTED to Chapel School and their TEAM!

Regular attendance at practices and games is expected! Playing time for athletes will be based on attendance at practice. If an athlete misses practices he/she will have less playing time during games. No athlete shall start a game unless he/she have been to all the practices prior to their game of that week.  All members of the team are equally important!  Please let coach(es) know when your child(ren) cannot be in attendance.  If a student misses more than three hours of a school day, he/she cannot attend practices or games on those days. 

Westchester-Putnam-Dutchess CYO

Since the CYO is parish/zip code-based, we are considered “CENTER TEAMS”.  Our students come from all over Westchester and the Bronx.  We are therefore ineligible to participate in post-season play.  Each grade-level division is sub-divided into three competitive levels . . . A, B, C (Orange and Blue). 

“CLOSED” PRACTICES … Volunteer SUB Lists!

Since CYO strongly urges that TWO adults at each practice, we are compiling a “VOLUNTEER SUB LIST” for each team this season in the event that one of the coaches is unable to attend a practice.  As needed, coaches will call (a) parent(s)/guardian(s) from those lists to help monitor the children.  Practices will be “closed” in the sense that two coaches … or one coach and one volunteer substitute parent/guardian … will be the only non-players allowed in the gym during practices.  Parents/Guardians who wish to be on the Volunteer SUB Lists will need to submit VLC/TCS Volunteer Applications granting us permission to conduct background checks before they can be called upon to help out.  According to CYO Rules, each team is allowed two coaches on the bench; however, parents/guardians are always welcomed to help with the scorebook and/or scoreboard as needed.   If you are willing/able to be part of your child[ren]’s Volunteer SUB List(s), please answer YES to the SUB question on the Player CYO Registration Form, or send an email to Mr. Walsh.


We will receive our CYO Game Schedules in early November.  Most games are on Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sunday afternoons.  Pre-Game Practice Schedules will be sent home and posted on The Chargers website ( once coaches have given final approval.  Printed schedules/reminders of changes due to snow will be sent out periodically as well.

Please Note:  It is essential that you are respectful of the time that the coaches are volunteering, and that you are on time for pick up after practices and games.  Children who are not picked up on time will be sent to CARE.  A pattern of lateness will be addressed by Mr. Walsh.

Meeting for AWAY GAMES


In order to ensure the safety and well-being of each Chapel School Athlete, please adhere to the following:


(1) Students will not be permitted to enter the gym or locker rooms to retrieve uniform pieces and/or sneakers before leaving for an away game.  PLEASE BE SURE TO BRING THOSE ITEMS HOME WITH YOU SO THAT YOU ARE READY TO GET INTO YOUR DESIGNATED VEHICLE AS SOON AS YOU ARE DROPPED OFF.  We will always meet at the main school entrance.


(2) If a player or driver is unable to attend a game or is running late, please be sure to notify your child[ren]’s coach(es).  Much preparation is given to planning substitutions, and it makes life easier on the coaches if you can make sure that you communicate with them … AND give them as much lead time as possible.  If players are not on time, they will need to be driven directly to the game(s) by their parents/guardians.

Pick-Up After Practices and Games


If parents/guardians do not attend HOME Games, they should plan on picking up their child 1 hour after a scheduled game time.


In order to ensure the safety and well-being of each Chapel School Athlete, please adhere to the following:


(1) If parents/guardians/designated adults collect their child(ren) from the Chapel gym, Concordia gym or field, an Away Gym or the upstairs hallway, they must notify a coach that they are assuming responsibility for said child(ren).

(2) If parents/guardians/designated adults collect their child(ren) from the main school entrance, they must make visual/verbal contact with the coach before they leave.

(3) If a child needs to leave early from a practice or game, parents/guardians/designated adults must collect said child from the gym . . . again, notifying the coach before leaving.

(4) If a child is to go home with a teammate, written notification from that child’s parent or guardian is required.  If car-pooling arrangements have been made for the duration of a season, one signed note will meet that requirement.

(5) If a child is permitted to walk home or take public transportation, written notification from that child’s parent or guardian is required.



Most AWAY Games are 15-20 minutes from Chapel School.  Figuring that games last approximately one hour, parents/guardians who do not attend those games are to meet us at Chapel School 1.25 hours after the scheduled game time.

Lost and Found

In seasons past, an inordinate amount of clothing (shirts, sweaters and even full dresses and pants) have been left at CARE or in the gym/gym hallway during basketball season.  Please work out a system with your child(ren) to make sure that they have everything when they get home.  Items will end up in the ground floor Lost and Found Bin, but will stay there for only a short time before being donated.